Zombi - Escape Velocity

We’re back in Italy, where murderers call from pay phones just across the street wearing raincoats in the scorching sun. It is not suspicious behavior in Italy. People scream! A man weeps. A woman dies. Blood running down her chest, a nipple is showing through the ripped shirt. The drums start. Enter the keyboards.

Repetitive rhythms that induce trance-like states of minds. Soon we are swept through narrow streets, running in the shadows of the old buildings. Buildings that have been there for centuries. It’s still 1754 inside.

I speak as if you know what Zombi is about! Should you not know what Zombi is about the term is simple: Horror-induced Krautrock.If you know Goblin then you can start from there. Thirty years add a few pounds.

It’s a feat managing to make the listener get lost in the music and Zombi are masters of the craft. The melodies they create makes it so easy to lie back and forget about anything else.


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