Miasmal - Miasmal

Miasmal were formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in two thousand and seven. Three releases to their name: The “Miasmal” demo in two thousand and eight, the “Miasmal” EP in two thousand and ten and now, finally, the “Miasmal” debut full length in two thousand and eleven. That’s enough pollution to lay waste to a country the size of Japan!

When it comes to the music there’s not a Gothenburg in sight. All sights are set on Stockholm, to be more precise, on Sunlight Studios to lay waste to what has been done there before. Miasmal belong to the New Wave of the Sunlight Studio Sound bands and therefore…

…There’s a heavy Entombed vibe throughout the album. The sound pays a heavy tribute to “Left Hand Path” (don’t they all?), but when it comes to the style my gut is on the groove of “Wolverine Blues”. Well, Wolfpack meets Entombed during its “Wolverine Blues” days. Heavy on the groove as well as on the “dis” managing to create an album that doesn’t sound generic.

Although the band is keeping things extremely traditional and, with the love of the music in mind, pretty much nailed on the cross, the cheese is forgiven! After all, there aren’t a lot of bands out there that manage to replicate the occult feeling of yore like Miasmal do on “Chronicles”.

When all is said and done I’m seeing this album getting many spins during the warm and bright Icelandic summer nights. There’s just something about this album that screams “Heiðmörk!” and gets the blood pumping.


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