Warfield - Trivmvirat

“When there is no more room in Hell the dead shall walk the Earth.” A line you may remember hearing somewhere along your way through the thicks of horror and the macabre. In Mexico it could have happened already. Not a day goes by without at least one story on the news about a massacre in Mexico or the discovery of a fresh mass grave. Have the border towns of Mexico turned into a new Medellin?

Warfield hail from the south of Mexico, from Mexico City, but I’m not so sure they are as safe as one would like to think so far away from the battle fields. In a way they invoke the north through their music which carries more than a hint of the orthoblack of Watain and the battlecries of Marduk.

The music itself is rather bland, but it’s the vocals that evoke a heavy ritual feeling. Screams from the gutter, indeed. However, even after a few rounds with this mini album very little remains and I’m drawn to the sad conclusion that this album will not be on my playlist for much longer. End communication.


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