DATE: 07 MAI 2011

Last time I went to a gig I only caught the opening act due to bad luck of others. I decided to be on time now in case people were caught in a “let’s start on time” timezone instead of the usual one to two hours later that the scheduled start.

So, I arrive ten minutes before the show’s supposed to start and there’s two people outside and inside Abominor are sound checking using Tormentor’s “Elisabeth Bathory”, a song one cannot hear too many times.
The lights are still on and I’m able to check out the whole place without the audience present. Blood on the walls, occult symbols, black magic. The place itself is very raw and small and this adds to the effect, with them almost managing to create a ritual chamber for the evening.


Around an hour later and things start. AMFJ starts things with his trance slash noise. Heavily distorted vocals echoed through the small room over trance inducing beats. AMFJ’s set was the only one that didn’t fill the house. The reason? People being lazy? People “saving themselves” for later acts? Don’t know. All I know is a lot of people missed a good set.

Next on stage are Abominor who previously announced that this would be the last time any of their old songs would be heard live. Erasing all traces of its birth the set start furiously as the singer spits blood in the air before the verbal assaults began. The wall of noise the band created is indeed impressive and probably very fitting to the type of primal and bestial black metal the band offer tonight but at the same time I hope the next time I hope that the next time I see these guys live the sound will be walls, instead of a wall.

Gone Postal are the third act and they suffer the most here, me thinks. They deliver a good set but the vocals are to low in the mix and as far as I’m concerned that’s a grave matter as the vocals and the effects have added quite a lot of horrific atmosphere in the few instances I’ve seen the band.

Svartidauði // Photo: Rakel Erna Skarphéðinsdóttir

Now we arrive at the last act. The highpoint of the evening for most, I suspect, that came to witness the abominations of desolation Svartidauði had promised to lay upon the masses tonight.
A black magic mass began and as things progressed heads started shaking. You could see people falling into a black metal trance as the set went on. Svartidauði delivered a fierce set and with the settings I believe this is the closest a local gig has managed to become a real live ritual.


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