With summer coming there seems to be a bit more life in the Icelandic Metal scene and today, Friday the 13th, seems to be the the perfect day to take a bit of look at the bands that have been gracing us with new songs in the last few weeks.

Abacination are first up with a bit of Death & Black Metal. I’m getting a strong vibe of some early orthoblack here in the music laced with a bit of new Death. Not bad and a good start and perhaps they’ll make a name for themselves in the future.

Dynfari are next up taking us to the realms of atmoblack! Formed in the later months of 2010, the band has already recorded their debut album, deciding to skip the ordeal of releasing a demo and searching for a label. DIY Black Metal ethics.

Finngálkn is a name that might ring a bell to some ears out there! Yeah, this is the same Finngálkn that released the “Horns against Heaven” album through the short lived Dutch label Melas Khole. They’ve been silent for the few last years but have finally posted some new songs online which, it seems, will be their swansong.

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