RATING: 8 / 10

The moment I saw the video for “Monument Desecration” (link here) I knew this album was going to be Rough, Raw & Metal! And… Since this EP is only a few days away it’s okay, I think, to begin a bit early to let people know what’s coming for them.

Now, before you go all black metal philosophy on the album and dress up as a corpsepainted Plato it’s imperative to stress the fact that the “Devil’s Ferox” is all about the basics. They take what’s worked well in the past for bands for add a bit of Slovenian mysticism to the mix. As heavily bestial as they sound there’s still a lot of early demo era to “Celtic Winter” Graveland feeling in this. Bestial (Warlust) + Graveland = Bestial Gravelust. In fact, the title song reeks of the Bestial Gravelust.

The production… Well, it’s raw as Hell and more than once I wondered if their aim was to make the speakers rot away and worms to start crawling out of the home stereo systems of the listeners. Perhaps this is Bleeding Fist’s first attempt at world domination; to kill the iPOD with rancid production?
No, there’s nothing wrong with the production, it fits the ways of raw Bleeding Fist have chosen to go and adds to this mix, does not take from it.

People with a thing for Death SS might also enjoy Bleeding Fist’s cover of “Black and Violet”.


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