RATING 10 / 10

Before I picked up this album it felt like it had been forever since I last listened to Xasthur. What got me back on the horse was a review I saw on Youtube (link here). What the busiest reviewer on the interview found to be a really bad start to the album I found very fitting to the whole atmosphere of the album.

Everything sounds thought through, the atmosphere is very relaxed and no two songs are exactly the same. The album doesn’t flow from the beginning to the end like a book with a fourteen chapters but much rather a book with fourteen different stories.

My favorite song is “Stream of Subconsciouness” which sounds like it has been soaked in Lycia. Perhaps it’s (namedrop coming!) because it was actually Malefic that got me into Lycia a little shy of a decade ago when I had just discovered the Black Metal Internet.

A close second is “Shrine of Failure”. How can one not love the despair this songs radiates upon the listener? Then there’s the (too short?) “Mourning Tomorrow” and “Hiver De Glace”. This album is full of triumphs that conquer different fields.

I’m really glad Malefic got around to doing this last album, haters be haters and all, I don’t care. This is just one of the few albums I’ve been extremely thrilled about in the last few years.


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