RATING: 7.5 / 10

You have to give the band a bit of props for the effort they’ve put into this release. Okay, I only have the digital promo which only consists of the tracks so I don’t know what the whole package looks like but… After a bit of online digging it seems this trio of Scotsmen booked themselves some time at the infamous Necromorbus studio, presenting the band in style on it’s first release! I certainly they didn’t go the cheap way after all that effort with the studio choosing the simple four panel layout. One hopes.

The album starts ferociously, “The Final Revelation” gives us fast Black Death and the drums sound like nails being hammered into countless coffins.

I like how in the first scream in “Retribution” sounds like the singer regurgitates it with a lot of effort. Not “vomits” but “regurgitates”, it makes it sound as powerful as the vocals during the opening. This song has a heavy “Wolf’s Lair Abyss” for a brief moment with a lot chaos and energy before going into calmer waters, safer, even.

This is a very safe album. Mini album, excuse me. A very safe mini album. It shows the band has a lot of potential and I think the band has enough ambition to get themselves rather high up the ladder. As far as I know the first edition of this mini album is limited to 500 copies but I hope this one gets quite a few represses. If there’s any album out there right now that deserves to sell 5000 copies instead of 500 then it’s this one.


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