Last year saw quite a few macabre resurrections! As if an unseen terror was behind it quite a few old names reappeared. One of those names is Desultory which slammed the “Counting Our Scars” titan in people’s faces. A proper return if there ever was one. Read the gospel according to Klas Morberg!

Fourteen years is quite a long break. What was it that prompted the resurrection of Desultory, how did it all fall into place and how’s life with another album under the belt? Considering the rather big change in style on the third album how does it feel being back on the Death Metal wagon?
I would say it was all a natural process. During these years we never stopped playing as a band. We kept on making music, although it wasn’t death metal. But at one point in 2008 we started to feel that we were idling and began to feel the urge of another challenge. Then we started, just for fun, playing some old Desultory tunes and once again the spark was there. The last years we’ve repeatedly got the question from both old and new fans if we would be playing again but we had always said no. Now we all of a sudden just felt “why not?”
We grew up with Death metal and it has shaped us to what we are so it really feels good to be back.

Do you guys follow today’s scene? If so, what’s your opinion on the scene now and what do you consider the main differences now and back in the day during Desultory’s first reign?
Those early years were of course awesome. We were right in the middle of a whole new sub culture, contributing to its development. The Stockholm scene was exploding and you could see great band (and not so great bands) playing every weekend. For all those who haven’t read Daniel Ekeroths book Swedish death metal it’s an absolute must. I believe our first two albums now are considered as valid pieces in that collection of solid death metal. However, you can hear on the production that it is dated. The recording techniques back then were as you know quite different, the recording of Counting our scars is actually the first time we record in a digital studio. We will therefore, along with the release of Counting … also re-release Into eternity and Bitterness, re-mastered and with our three demos as bonus tracks.
The way of reaching out to people is totally different now than the “pre-internet” times, it took more work back then but at the same time I think its really easy that new bands now just drowns in the flow. I do not have time nowdays to acitvely search for new bands but as soon as I get some info on new bands I try to check it out.

With renewed vigor will we see Desultory hit the stage in 2011? I know you guys are booked for one gig in Sweden but will we see you guys on other festivals such as Wacken or Hellfest?
We are right now looking into the possibilities for a number of different festivals this summer so I hope we will do at least a number of good festivals, I cant tell which once yet.


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