The Post Black Metal Vatican Assassins in Sólstafir just signed a contract with the well known French label Season of Mist. In the label’s den of iniquity Sólstafir will socialize with such legends as Morbid Angel, Terrorizer, Samael and Mayhem. Not a bad team there, I must say.

The band has had numerous hits over their 17 year long career and gone through a bit of changes musically since their first rehearsals in a garage in Seljahell, Reykjavík. Since the creation the band has released material on, at least, six labels and each time gained more momentum and added to a fanbase that has grown from hundreds to tens of thousands.

Below you can find links to a couple videos the band has made along with YouTube links to a few songs in case you haven’t heard the band.

Video: Love is the Devil
Video: She Destroys Again

Audio: Ritual of Fire
Audio: 2000 ár
Audio: Dauðraríkið
Audio: War Pigs

Links: Sólstafir // Season of Mist

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