The Finnish publishers of occult literature, Ixaxaar, have announced the release of the second Liber Falxifer book.

Liber Falxifer
By the stroke of midnight of the 7th of July 2011 the Work of the scribe of Liber Falxifer II – The Book of Anamlaqayin was ritually consummated.

The Book is now ready for publishing and within its pages both the Word and the Silence, in-between the Ink and the Void, are now ritually sealed, concealed and revealed, all for the attainment of the illumination of the Black Light of Divinity, by walking in the footsteps of Our Master and Good Saint Qayin and His Holy Bride, the Veiled and Rose-Crowned Queen.

This Second Book of Falxifer spans in its current form over 420 pages and offers to the students of the First Book, which was just a mere hint towards the initial stages of the Path of Thorns, enough guidance and insights to attain, by the blessings and curses of Solitary Initiation, both the First and the Second Coronation, if they would be of His Blood and bear His Mark.

In order to reward those who instead of idle waiting practised and tested the teachings of the First Book, we offer now a Work covering the very esoteric foundation of our Qayinite Gnosis, thus making known the Hidden Paths of Nod, leading to His Crowning and Glorious Lumina, foreshadowed but still not reached.

Liber Falxifer II – The Book of Anamlaqayin is now made available for order to the students of the Path and the followers of the Necrosophic Cult of Sancte Qayin.

Salve Qayin Sator, Consitor et Arator!
Salve, Salve Spinifer, Messor et Venenifer!

The book shall be published in three editions:


Regular Edition of 1200 copies

Hardcover book in black cloth with a gold stamping of Sigil of Anamlaqayin on the cover, black endpapers, gold silk-ribbon bookmark. approx. 420 pages, numerous illustrations. First Edition of 1200 copies, each book consecrated and handnumbered in a dustjacket. 50 eur. For reservations of the regular edition, you can still leave reservation on the website

Deluxe Edition of 72 copies

Deluxe Edition: Limited edition of 41 handnumbered copies. Handbound to full black Morocco goatskin with gold endpapers, 24 carat gold gilding, gold silk ribbon bookmark. Gold stamped with the Signature of Spirit’s Deathly Ascent sigil on the cover. Each copy is consecrated and handnumbered. 300 eur

Deluxe Edition with Osseous Talisman: Limited edition of 31 handnumbered copies. Binding is the same as in Deluxe Edition. Accompanied by a hand-crafted and fully ensouled bone talisman (Payé) of Anamlaqayin (value of talisman alone if bought separately 300EUR), consecrated individually by the author. 475 eur.
For orders of deluxe editions, contact: reservations@ixaxaar.com

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