From the day this Atrum was born the potential was recognized. The band is really a independent continuation of Withered which, even if we don’t take in account the age of the members, reeked of potential.
Now, in what feels like decades later but is probably more like five years, Atrum has finally released something that you can hold in your hands and gaze upon. Almost. Although this is available online this isn’t yet available for the avid collectors that collect everything Iceland has to offer. Burn it to CDr, print out the cover, draw their corpsepainted faces on your jackets, do whatever it takes to fight.
On “Opus Victum” Atrum build death metal landscapes. Listening to Atrum is similar to admiring the countryside while traveling at high speeds in a train. What I mean is that Atrum is fast. Insanely fast. Okay, not all the time, I’m sure there’s a couple of minutes to be found within the 26 minute monolith “Opus Victum” is where the drummer is allowed to catch his breath, but for the most part I’m pretty sure this puts “Battles in the North” to shame if you were to count the bpm.
If you were to look, you would find Atrum in the hot tub with Behemoth and others that have taken the deathblack and modernized it. People tell me they sound like Behemoth and Zyklon but I’m not going to comment much on that, as I have somehow managed to either not listen to a single song by Zyklon or forget I heard it. There’s a Behemoth-ian beast here and I can here a bit of later day Emperor here, so perhaps the Zyklon comparison isn’t so far off.
What I like the most about “Opus Victum” is how they use the choirs, the flutes and the trumpet here. It adds a lot to this and in a world where bands of any genre can be sucked into the vortex of forget so easily it’s a necessity to stand out a bit.

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