United States death metal mafia. Wise guys. Men in the know. People that know what it’s all about. Immolation. It all starts and ends with “Dawn of Possession” for me. I know, there have been other albums but when it comes to Immolation I’m a one album guy. Why settle for a hamburger when you have a steak at home? What do you mean that kind of logic doesn’t make sense here? I’m sorry, the fact is that I start listening to a couple of songs of some of their other albums and all of a sudden, without really having realized it, I’m listening to “No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)”. Can you blame me? It’s a effing classic! Plus the cover… It kills! None of their other covers even touches it, and don’t go mentioning those Photoshop fiascos during the band’s teenage years. Tastes vary but that’s just not right!

Now, with that in mind it’s time to look at Immolation like they are now. Twenty years older than when I first heard them, just like me, I’m sad to say. I have not discovered an Age Preservation Unit just yet and am forced to follow the natural laws of others still.
They are still brutal as a censorship, angry as Hell and still want to lay waste to everything you hold dear.

This video, which Scion A/V posted a few days ago, shows a band that still has it. There’s no “let’s make it a bit more rock n’ roll, guys” feeling here or any other changes in style. They are still the same. Probably drive the same cars they drove back in ’91. They might have upgraded the engines and the suspension systems, though.


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