Take me home! Where the death metal grows! Where the grass is green and girls are pretty! Where there’s only Swedish death metal with Boss pedals and drums that invoke the spirit of the ever living Chris Reifert. Death metal will never die! It will live forever as long as Matti Karki! To Hell with anyone that says this genre should have died 15 years ago! There would be no Tribulation! There would be no Repugnant! There would be no Necrovorous!

Necrovorous revel in the old way of death metal! You will not find any techno samples here or clean vocals, nor a hint of hygiene! There’s nothing but brute force here and you can feel the way the snare drum is ravaged on this album! It screams! I don’t know, somehow everything about this reminds me of Dismember and the early wave of Swedish death metal. Perhaps the only thing Necrovorous are lacking are the solos, but then again they didn’t have Nicke Andersson to help them out, did they?

The weekend’s close, it’s time for beer and death metal! It might well be time for beer and Necrovorous.


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