AHDISTUKEN AIHIO PRODUCTIONS // “The Astroglyphs…” feels more like a soundtrack to me than a blackdoom album. Listening to the title track feels like you’re stuck in a world like they created in Strange Days.

You are under a hypnotic spell while the tones work their magic. Blackdoom soundtrack. This feels like a mixture of classic Xasthur and Leviathan but with an even more of a doomsday feeling to it, if that’s possible. All I want to do when I listen to this is watching this movie again and again. There is no light ahead, it seems, everything’s dark. Only death ahead.

Things start relaxed with “I Channel” which is a slow (would you have believed it?) intro with only guitars, keyboards and the slightest of percussion. Managing to create a dreamlike atmosphere in the mere two minutes it’s allowed to live.

18 minutes the title track is and not a lousy minute to be found. You are led through psychedelic sonicscapes and slow dark tunnels as the band makes it way through the song slowly. Black metal doomsters.

Finally “Sacrifice Me” let’s you walk right off the cliff with the false security there’s a blanket somewhere down there that will catch you midway. As if there’s any way you’re going to survive this.

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