Sometimes I forget good things aren’t always too far away. Þórir Georg, or Thorir Georg as some people might call him, lives in the same city I live in. I’m pretty sure that if we would scramble the digits in our postcodes we would live in the same postcode. Perhaps even next door to each other.

Every time I meet this guy he’s the mellow guy but this mellow guy is hyperactive. It’s like he has a new album, demo, EP or download available each week. Okay, I’m exaggerating here a bit but he’s been rather active both in the local punk scene as well as just alone with his guitar. I haven’t seen him hanging out at any street corners, though, with a hat on the street that people can throw quarters in. Perhaps he’s not into that scene.

Click this LINK to check out Paradísarborgarplötur who release Icelandic punk or click this LINK to download “Afsakið” by Þórir Georg. Acoustic folk music. More stripped down than Þórir’s albums as My Summer As A Salvation Soldier.

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