HELLS HEADBANGERS // KVLT // PRIMITIVE REACTION // At last! At long last it’s here! “The Oath of Black Blood” as it was supposed to be! Blacker than the pitch of night and rawer than a steak ripped right off the cow but it does not pack the punch the old recordings have. Blame it on different settings, a huge age difference or just whatever but when I first heard Beherit back when tapes were cool this was the rawest, most fucked up music I had ever heard! Let’s not mention the five feet spikes they wore and the corpsepaint! It looked like they had been dragged straight out of their graves for the photo shoot! The twenty years and better production have dulled the blade of this magnificent weapon and robbed me off the joy of raw! The sound is better and all is audible which is great, I guess, but the feeling of graveyard desecration is gone, it just doesn’t sound it was recorded in a tomb anymore.

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