There haven’t been too many reviews done by outsiders. This is one of the few glimpses into the minds of others Currents allows. The review is done by Purr Vers. Texas terror. Another review of Gone Postal’s promo will follow later this week.

GONE POSTAL // Here we have a 3 track promo from a death metal band from Iceland, Gone Postal. I have some knowledge of the current black/death scene there and I can say that this is in line with the sound and quality of bands like Svartidaudi, Bastard, Ophidian I, Atrum, Chao and Abominor, if that gives you any idea of what you’re in for; discordant, malevolent, forward thinking death metal. This promo EP has a lot going for it. Great production, every instrument is perfectly audible and every riff and drum beat is felt. Vocal delivery is top knotch. Song writing is definitely a strong point, in my opinion. No riffs overstay their welcome, the songs never become boring at any point during the course of this short release. Being that this is only a promo, I’m to assume there is a full length recorded or at least written at this point and I honestly can’t wait to hear more from Gone Postal.

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