A few months ago I got in touch with Daemon Worship Productions to enquire about Serpent Noir. I don’t remember the reason(s) that drew me to them but after hearing “Sanguis XI” I knew a few questions had to be asked to make sure more people heard of this band.

Why do you wish to evoke the black serpent? From where did the idea to form Serpent Noir come from and what aim or purpose drives the individuals behind the band?
Well, the black Serpent (- Serpent Noir) stands for the Dark or Shadow side of the Serpent power. When one successfully invokes the Dragon Force (or Serpent Power), Its Shadow is also invoked forth. However, to become truly conscious of the act of invoking the Serpent’s Power Shadow corresponds to higher initiatory mysteries. The idea to form Serpent Noir was in my mind since many years ago; A musick project born out of my need to channel this insanely creative force known as the Dragon.

Your lyrics seem to focus on the Qliphotic path. What is it that got you interested in this subject and why do you think it speaks to you more than other occult paths?

The Qliphotic Qabalah is a pivotal initiatory system of the Draconian Current and leads the true initiate to the primordial matter; to the begining and the very core of existence. By having access to the primordial matter of existence, we are able to recreate ourselves according to our true Will. Walking this Path we enter true Darkness and we come along utmost terror and evil (refering to the metaphysical evil which has nothing to do with the human evil and criminal activities) but among other things it is the most beautiful, fascinating and powerful Magical Path.

Are the members of Serpent Noir members of any magical orders that focus on this subject? Do you think that the draconian current is a path you should follow on your own or do you believe that with interaction with others more progress can be made?
Sure. I and Mika (a.k.a Belfagor). Well, beyond any initiatory aims or purposes, the individual magical work should be intervowen with the team magical work to bring the most powerful results possible. So, there is your answer! In my opinion this goes for all serious Magical Traditions.

Serpent Noir is an international occult conspiracy. With two thirds of the band in Greece and one third in Sweden I’m curious to know how this collaboration came about. How did you get in touch with Belfagor of Ofermod & Nefandus?
Apart from being Fraters in Dragon Rouge, we established contact because Sanguis XI was about to be released by Mika’s label Left Light Emanations (something which eventually did not happen). At that time we were about to begin recording our full length and Jim (our drummer during SXI recording era) decided to quit playing the type of drums that apply to an extreme sounding band. I remember myself being very stressed at that time because we could not find a drummer with the appropriate vibe in his playing. Having nothing to lose and bearing in mind that Mika likes a lot Serpent Noir, I asked him and he enthusiastically accepted. No need to say he has done a fantastic job. The Draconic dynamic and potential of the band is a hell boosted!


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