Dark Descent // FDA Rekotz // Once again we are brought a full plate of Swedish Death Metal. Like Bæjarins Besta this is something that never gets old or tastes bad.

The main difference between Entrails and 99% of the bands embracing this genre these days is that Entrails was there in the beginning. In the skateparks, the substations and the record stores hunting for fresh blood to sacrifice on their altar aka gramophone.

See, the band started in 1990, disbanded sometime later, and “The Tomb Awaits” is the band’s second album since it’s get-together in 2008. They’ve been a busy bunch.

Perhaps it’s the twenty plus years but to me Entrails have that extra layer that makes them stand out from the rest of the bands that choose to go the path more than frequently travelled these days. There’s something here that they’ve kept to themselves, that the rest hasn’t discovered.

I do enjoy the total rip off of Entombed that the logo is and the fact that Entrails’ “The Tomb Awaits” longsleeve is almost identical to Entombed’s “Clandestine” longsleeve. People that weren’t around the first time really should let in to the urges right now and just go with the total 1991 Death Metal look.

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