From the moment the buzzsaw guitars hit your ears you know what you are in for. Swedish death metal. The fact that Cryptborn is made up by a bunch of guys that live in Finland is besides the point. This is Swedish death metal. There’s no way around it. What can I tell you about Cryptborn that you don’t already know? Finland. 2010. Band name may or may not be influenced by Vasaeleth. They love Unleashed. This release is their first release. It’s released on tape by Detest Records and on CD by Dark Descent.
Like many others that took the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal class at Uppsala High they take their cues from the legends but there’s a bit of chugga chugga there that gives me a bit of the NY heaviness I remember. I bet, somewhere deep, there’s a Suffocation fan in hiding. My main concern with releases such as these is that they will be forgotten in a few years time and considered a rip-off instead of a homage to this particular era of death metal.
Personally, I prefer bands like these that allow the head to bang instead of the ever boring circle pits I’ve seen since the turn of the millennium. If I want to see a kid doing karate chops I’ll watch Karate Kid, the original version.

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