This was, as the story goes, originally a promo release but the ghouls at Daemon Worship Production jumped at the chance of making this available for a wider audience and gave it a proper release just recently.
Now, Russian Death Metal is a bit outside of my circle of safety but Death Metal in general isn’t so I do know my way around guttural vocals and machine gun drums, of which there is plenty to be found in the mist Odem creates.
Thankfully, and I say this with great joy, they don’t rely on brutality alone and keep things varied. “Completing Myself” and “Tortured by Razors” stand out for this listener, especially the later one as I’ve always been more than a bit biased towards brutal Death Metal and anything that sounds, looks or smells like it. “Tortured…” is in my opinion, one of the album’s strongest tracks.
To finish things of on a familiar ground the release is closed with a cover of Antaeus’ “Bloodwar III”. A good cover, although not as alive as the original. In some ways it sounds more condensed than the original version.

All in all a good release with a promise. It managed to win me over with disdain for most Brutal Death Metal. There’s variation to be found here, not just one dimensional brutality.



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