A short time ago I noticed a mail in my inbox informing me on the release of this album. Swamped with work I was at the time, so it took me a bit to find my way through the jungle unto the blinding light.
I really know nothing about this band except that this is the best Belgian Black Metal I’ve heard in a long time, and amongst the best Black Metal I’ve heard in a while, period, with a dot afterwards.
Check out the official statement of W-T-C on Adustum:

Adustum is an isolated entity that reinstates the long lost veritable values and traditions of the underground. Embrace this audible Grimoire as the vessel of the scorning and vicious self-initiation Rites of a Drakonian Magickian. Get Drowned in the Qliphothic corridors of Aindrogynous Sophia. Submerge the self in Adversarial Black Metal.

By clicking THIS LINK you can find a sound sample and discover for yourself the magick of Adustum scorching fires.


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