I don’t think I have come across an album this controversial since Metallica did their collaboration with Lou Reed some five minutes ago. Two thousand and eleven has certainly been a fruitful year when it comes to old legends tackling boundaries created by fans. Expectations have been shattered day after day, laws and regulations broken. I’m not going to say it’s all good, I still haven’t found the part on the last Morbid Angel album that’s too extreme or the betrayal on the Loutallica album some fans say they experienced.

There is no betrayal to be found here or anything new for that matter. We are talking about re-recordings of very old songs here so that’s hardly a surprise I would think. Still, people have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that old stones are being turned, perhaps people think the days of desecration were a thing of the past when it comes to Black Metal? What I want to know is how this album can be considered a desecration. On what? It’s not like it’s a 50 minute remix album full of jungle beats and cow bells!

“From the Depths of Darkness was recorded and decided to be released because I always meant that the original recordings didn’t do justice to the music, and I wanted to hear the tracks as they were intended by me back in 1991 and 1992, when these tracks were made, and to share this with those interested.” – Vikernes, 2011

And he succeeds there! This isn’t about re-inventing Burzum but to bring in a new perspective. There are differences to be found, some good, some bad. The vocals do take away a bit of the atmosphere in “Spell of destruction” when the frantic screams are nowhere to be found, replaced by the raspy vocals we are familiar with when it comes to Burzum today. However, as a whole I think this albums does stand its ground. This is not Vikernes rewriting the history of Burzum, but adding a new chapter to it. I’m sure you people out there that hate his ambient albums must at least appreciate that!


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