Love it or leave it, the voice of Black Witchery is just like the music, instant & to the point!

C: Ever since “Desecration…” I’ve noticed a rise in way of an industrial element in Black Witchery. The rhythm becoming almost mechanical at times. Is that something that Black Witchery was striving for intentionally or just a side-product of explorations through extremities?
BW: Black Witchery is extreme black/death speed desecration metal…no other influences but pure darkness and hatred.


C: Are death, darkness & destruction still as vital influences as they were back when Black Witchery was starting out? When you try to create the domination of barbarism is it only on a personal level with the listener or is this something that you would like to see on a worldwide scale?
BW: Very much both. Listener should be overcome with primal urge to destroy and desecrate.

C: What would you reckon to be the three most influential bands on Black Witchery from the beginning to the place where it is now? Do spirits or remnants of the earth play an integral part in the creation of the music or the lyrics?
BW: Old Bathory, Blasphemy, and Archgoat.

C: One thing I’ve particularly enjoyed while watching videos of your shows is the ferocity you guys seem to put into your shows. If the cameras were any closer I’m sure they would catch quite a bit of spit, sweat and blood from you guys. Some bands have certain rituals or works they do to get themselves in the right mood before a gig. What is it that you do before going on stage?
BW: It’s a demoniac possession ritual which cannot be described in words…I think only few maniacs involved in the most EXTREME black metal hordes can relate to these inner demonic blood commands.


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