2012 IS ON!

You know this year is going to be a good one! There’s no option, really, we all know we have less than a year to live. Trust people’s interpretations of ancient prophecies! Will the members of Craft realize the longings that lie within? Will this finally be released on black gold and the hunger within be satisfied?!


Although The Ascendant’s “The Spiritual Death” EP might fall under last year’s harvest I’m going to pretend it is brand spanking new and 2012. After all, the vinyl isn’t in the house, really, and right now it only flows down digital currents. Daemon Worship Productions, a name mentioned here almost every day, is responsible for this and there’s a lot of volcanic activity in that camp right now.


Mare’s “Sphere’s Like Death” has finally seen the black gold and is now available through Terratur Possessions and Werewolf Records. The band has been applauded endlessly for last year’s live shows so you never know what this year will bring.


Another item worth checking out from Terratur this year is the cassette version of Chao‘s “Spiritus Sankti” demo which was pretty much only available locally previously. It’s great seeing it get a bit of exposure outside the rocky shores of the island.


Last, but not least, on our short way towards the end, it’s time to check out a new song from France’s Christicide. “Demon’s Breath” gives us a glimpse of what “Upheaval of the Soul” has in store for us.

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