After a long wait finally there were words from the abyss, a split release was announced! In league with Perdition. A light in the year’s darkest days was presented to us by Germany’s World Terror Committee, a label that has already presented us recent classics with Flagellant, Adustum, Svikt and Ascension.

This interview was done in haste, just before the release of the split EP. Due to technical difficulties it has taken a bit of time getting it online to you, but that shouldn’t really be a problem, as it eases the wait for the vinyl to arrive in your post box, right?

C: So tell us about the plans of Svartidauði this year. The band has been rather silent lately but with live appearances confirmed at the Deathkvlt festival, at least, changes seem to be on the horizon.

S: Only a fool rushes into a battlefield without a strategic plan or proper weapons, and while most bands prefer to release every single uninspired chord they can, we’ve chosen to remain in the shadows unseen until we’ve felt we had something worth offering. We will never settle for mere mediocrity.
This spring will see the release of our debut LP, The Flesh Cathedral which will be released by Terratur Possesions in Europe and Daemon Worship Productions in North-America. The release will be followed by our appearance at Deathkult Open Air and hopefully a number of other exhibitions of worship across the mainland of Europe.


C: Svartidauði’s live performances have been rather minimalistic the last few times I’ve seen the band in regards to light shows and pyrotechnics; a very black mass. Has Svartidauði perfected it’s craft or what can we expect the next time around?

S: Nothing is ever perfected. Everything is in constant evolution. Convincing oneself that he has reached perfection equals stagnation and artistic death. But you should always expect the worst when it comes to the affairs of Svartidauði.

C: Now, I mentioned the live shows being minimalistic in the previous question but it does not rob anything from the experience. It enhances the experience of the audience as it is engulfed by the loud darkness, creating atmosphere unlike any other band I have witnessed. Where did the inspiration come from?

S: Grafhýsið, were our musick is conceived in darkness, lit only by a few candles and ritual incense of poisonous smoke. That is how it is created and that is how is should be consumed, in total darkness at maximum volume.

C: People are screaming “Where have all the maniacs gone?!” and demanding that Black Metal regains a bit of the mystique and sinister presence it is said to have once possessed before you could buy “Stillbirth Machine” at HMV. Is this anything that you would like to see or reckon concerns you? What is your opinion on this subject?

S: Those who demand terrorism are the very same who should be lighting the world on fire. If you feel that Black Metal has become too safe then it’s only because you are not making it dangerous enough yourself. The word of power is action. Lead the herd by example or otherwise cease your incessant whining. No monuments are erected in honor of critics. The availability of an album does not in any way serve as a indicator of it’s integrity or artistic worth just like a fan-base does not define a band.

C: As we face eternal damnation and enter the temple of deformation in search of something to take us away from the gray world we live in where will you take us when the time is right for Svartidauði to unleash it’s opus magnum?

S: Deep into the Flesh Cathedral.
Fall to your knees and worship.


Follow Svartidauði on Facebook HERE.
Purchase the split with Perdition on W-T-C HERE.

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4 thoughts on “SVARTIDAUÐI”

  1. thanks for this guys.Sounds like Dragged into Sunlight and Deathspell Omega trying to oust one another.Really awesome!

    1. I will have to familiarize myself with Dragged into Sunlight but I’m glad you like Svartidauði, more people need to get into Icelandic Black Metal.

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