The best thing to happen to Dutch Death Metal since Sinister recorded “Cross the Styx”? The news of a new Centurian album certainly are!

The dutch death metal formation CENTURIAN will start recording their 3rd full-length album called “Contra Rationem”, on april 27th together with producer/sound-engineer Jo Peeters (Aborted, Heaven Shall Burn, Severe Torture) and Ralph Timmermans (Mindpark) at the We Are (Music) Junkies recording studio in Eindhoven. The album will be released by Listenable records and will be the first studiorelease after 11 years.
Stated by Rob Oorthuis, founding member and writer/composer of CENTURIAN: “The new record should appeal anyone who is prepared to die for his stands. Believe nothing, dare all!!! 333”

A few song titles are: Judas Among Twelve, Adversus, The Will Of The Torch, Thou
Shalt Bleed For The Lord Thy God, Antinomian, Feast Of The Cross.


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