So… The new Isten issue is in the house! I came home today this afternoon and just before jumping out again I checked the post to see if anything was there. There it was, some four days after PayPal blessed me, all the way from faraway Finland. Snail mail sprints are the best! I rip open the envelope and look at the two covers (as this issue is a double feature) and choose the one that’s more likely to include the Sólstafir interview. See, the bands aren’t listed on the cover because, I guess, Mr. Isten wants you to read the lot. A few minutes later, while I’m waiting in a waiting room I pull it out (oh, yeah!) and search for the Sólstafir interview. No luck. Wrong paper? Can’t be, the cover tells me the interview is there (no, it’s not mentioned on the cover, I just know the interview must be in this part of Isten). Go through it again, Negative Plane… Primordial… Spiritus Mortis… There it is!!! Mikko Fukker Mattilla just did the first ever split seven inch interview I have ever seen! On side-A we have Sólstafir and on side-B we have The Wounded Kings. Will Season of Mist take this as a sign and release a split with those two bands? Could be a good one! I’m screwed, though. No way am I going to sit there in the waiting room repeatedly rolling the ‘zine over and over again as I read the interview with Sólstafir.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then I guess you don’t remember the booklet for Cathedral’s “The Etherial Mirror”. Reading those lyrics = No can do!

…And we’re back! This time to talk about the ‘zine itself! So, I got home, went through the whole thing, which doesn’t take a long time. Isten has always been a quick read but since it’s a good read as well you always come back to it. It’s not a disposable ‘zine that you put in with the rest of this week’s haul and forget about it. It has it’s own place in the library.
The layout is great, like always. In the dark dungeon we know Mattilla’s computer is there lies the template of Isten. The serpent seed! You know what you are getting when you buy an Isten. You get quality. You get professionally done dirty layout that’s contains readable, as well as enjoyable, content. You get jokes, you get quotes but above all: You get Metaliterature!

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