Yeah, you better believe it, videos are where it’s at! The Metal masters have finally realized that compact discs are dead and have decided to focus on making videos, the porn industry has finally won! …No, it hasn’t! Porn hasn’t won and the compact disc isn’t dead! Hank Amarillo will never allow the compact disc to die! Mark my words!

The Horde… Viking Thrashers… New video… Inverted pentagrams… Tattoos… Long hair… In the forest?!?! Why no civilization? It’s a cool video, really simple, just focusing on the members, their instruments and it works well. No theatrics, after all; it’s Thrash, not Glam. It’s about as basic as anything can get. It’s kind of like OverKill’s “Elimination” except low budget, in different surroundings and the close-ups aren’t as good. Live and learn, you know. Good music. Simple times. Nice solos.

Stormspell Records // The Horde

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