Once again we are bombarded with the soothing tones of Fursy Teyssier and his fellow bandmates. You know the name so I guess you know what you are getting here; dreamlike music that allows the listeners to forget themselves in daydreaming and let go of reality for as long as the album lasts. Until you have to press play again if you haven’t already put it on repeat. A bit more rock n’ roll than Alcest, no elves, just dreams. Urban dreamstates.

However, there are just as many white ships on crowded streets as somnambulists make their way to and from work to be found here as on any other album tagged with the shoegaze. If not more…

While Alcest, Les Discrets’ sister, draws us out of the city and into a countryside that has not been soiled by human touch, Les Discrets keeps us in the city, driven in somnambulances around the suburbs and the downtowns. There we are caught in a state of nothingness and where everyone and everything acts and reacts without any consciousness. We are as lost in the moment and as unaware of our surroundings as Ben was aware of everything around him. All movement goes unnoticed and each time we arise from our slumber is a moment lost. The perfect movie score for a movie depicting the despair of the up and coming.

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