Out of the grave emerges this American ‘zine, perhaps the only shot we will see from this soldier of God.
One of the selling points of this publication, or more specifically, what made me have to get my hands on a copy, is the fact that the editor is a man of God. A bible reader. A christian.
Should it make the ‘zine any better? No, I don’t think it should make it any better but perhaps it makes it a more interesting read. What’s more interesting than reading how the opposition interrogates our own? That is, should we choose to let down our shields and embrace some of the conspiracy theories out there. Religious convictions, whatever kind they may be off, don’t make good ‘zines, it takes a lot more. CftG, thank Old Nick himself, has what it takes.

In the editorial Aaron, the editor, stresses the fact that this isn’t just any ol’ fanzine, this is a ‘zine that touches the ground unlike the others out there. “If you want to read about what color vinyl was released and what members were on this or that demo or 7-inch, give this rag wit someone with a soul and get on with your existence” he shouts at the readers and it’s on! We are head first in the inner works, the deeper realms of a shitload of today’s Black-, Death- and Doom-heads. Astral projections are on a 2 for 1 special today.
However, for him to say that just because one is not neck-deep in spirituality one has no soul is a bit harsh. Don’t you think? We, and this ‘zine is included, are constantly floating in a lake of fire where materialism is more priced than anything, where “How much on eBAY?!?!” is a common question, where it’s not enough to put out just one version of a release, where occult jewelry is most of the time just empty bling, kind of like patches. “Does this inverted cross make me look fat?” is a question I’m sure at least two people have thought to themselves today. I know, Aaron did say he wasn’t about that, but it’s more about the soul than the materialism, you dig? Christ can’t hog the soul. He just can’t.

It might make for an interesting evening if one was to interview the editor himself, a bit of wine, some cheese, a few guns, perhaps even Christicide’s upcoming album? A few of the questions I would ask, when not stuffing my face full of cheese would be:

1. Why he feels this connection with Black Metal, being of the faith that he is?
2. If the connection is only towards the bands of the more occult nature?
3. If he felt any connections towards bands like Deicide, for example, which are a bit all over the place in their Satanic shouting, but at the same time bomb-threat anti-christian?
4. If the feeling he feels when he is listening to Black Metal is similar to the feeling he gets when he attends church (if he does) or prays?
5. If he has tried other kinds of Metal, or music in general, to reach the same spiritual high?

The ‘zine itself is a goldmine, the interviews are for the most part great (it’s impossible to get a full house here, it just is), and the illustrations are effing hot! Seriously! Okay, so there are no photos of the individuals featured here or any band logos that cover half of the page. Instead we have Black Magick ikons that we are able to loose ourselves in for hours. The questions are genuine and go deeper into the spiritual side than most fanzines out there. I would therefore recommend you to search online in despair for a vendor that still carries it as it’s sold out pretty much everywhere.


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