Erm… Not quite, but if you’ve followed the news in Iceland recently you might have heard that it’s illegal to sell the Motörhead Shiraz red wine here. Why? Because the band’s name is a reference to the users of amphetamine and in the lyrics cover sensitive topics such as war, drug use, the abuse of power and sex. Damn those topics! More importantly, though, was the fact that the band itself didn’t manufacture it’s wine, so it’s name shouldn’t be on the bottles.

The public was outraged! Articles were written, protests were held and the nation boycotted Ríkið this weekend.* We now face a second major financial crisis.** Nobody understood why they had banned the wine. After all, they had not mentioned the taste, the percentage or the ingredients when listing reasons why it couldn’t be sold. However, after some intense, but discreet, investigation Currents has discovered why Motörhead Shiraz can’t be sold here…

It’s because Lemmy is God. We all know it, we’ve said it enough times, and in a country with a state church as powerful as our church is there can only be one god. That’s the reason we can’t have any Motörhead red wine for communion!

Here you can find some local coverage of the protest:


*This is not true, can Icelanders survive without alcohol?
** This is also not true, we still have four more years.

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