It’s somehow fitting to have “Ancient Aliens” on in the background while listening to Sigh’s new album. One borders on the insane and Sci-Fi while the other ignores all borders and is just straight on Sigh-Fi.

Sigh have, since the creation, put people on the edge of their seats. On “Scorn Defeat”, the band’s first album, we saw the bones. Two years later, on “Infidel Art”, there was a bit of meat on the bones and the roller coaster ride began for real. Album after album layers were added and now we are caught in a Woodstockian Black Metal vortex where cocaine cowboys in old westerns run rampant in the digital age.

What does that all mean? It means you skip the first four levels and go straight to “L’excommunication à Minuit”. Return to the beginning after finishing the song, digest the album in it’s entirety. Enter level five again a bit later and progress on. 2011 had it’s highlight, the beginning of “L’excommuncation…” will be the highlight of 2012.

A lot of people throw the term “music for experienced listeners” around like it’s Casual Friday at work and “it ain’t no thang!” without realizing that… …”In Somniphobia” is an album for experienced listeners and Sigh is a band for level 5 music nerds. It’s as much a David Lynch TV-show as it is a Michael Mann flick. It’s all you ever wanted it to be but at the same time it’s the thing that will shatter your dreams.

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