Mondays aren’t always good days. In fact, for the most part they pretty much suck. They draw you back into the world you spent all weekend trying to get away from and into the routine. Gone are the joys of the notime and the unclock.

Just because you don’t like Mondays it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with them. Mondays are the first lump of clay we are given and here, today, we have a new week long feature which is “The Video Ov The Day”. Each day this week videos that are brand new and wonderful to the eyes or old and sentimental will be posted. One video for each day, from today to Friday, when we are finally able to dive headfirst into the deepest abysses of our enjoyment.

Today’s video is a brand new one, only seen a few times by these very eyes of mine, by A Whisper In The Noise, who return this year with a blissful and lush new album entitled “To Forget”. The Minneapolis-based group formed in 2002 by West Thordson, who grew up on a large patch of farmland in the rural Minnesota town of Hanska. As an adult, Thordson moved into the abandoned elementary school he attended as a boy, where he composed in the music room in which he had played as a child, wandering the empty halls at night.


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