Not always the first one hearing about things, the introduction came through the diabolical Dutch duo we only know as Urfaust. I heard they were doing a split with some guy calling himself King Dude. The name sounded like a guest-character on a sitcom or perhaps even a Mexican wrestler. When it’s like that you know you have to check it out. It’s on repeat now. Albums must be had!

So, again we go through HIStory, for King Dude is the name of a man and one man alone, who’s motto is “love is the law, love under will” and has “pizza time” tattooed on his stomach. I can relate to both. There’s always time for love and there’s always time for pizza, even though the hours in the day are sometimes fewer than one would like them to be. Still, not all of Reykjavik’s pizza places have been conquered because, to quote the man himself “I believe love is the most important thing, but your will is more important that love.”


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