Back in the glory days, just before most of today’s Death Metal enthusiasts were born, Iceland had Death Metal. We still have it, but it peaked in early nineteenninetysomething. Everyone listened to it! Well, most young males, and some girls. A couple of Iceland’s Death Metal bands even managed to get a video out there. I’m sure most of you have know Sororicide which did a video for “The Entity”‘s title-track. I’ve never found that online, but it was always great when you saw that video in Bylmingur!

So, the video today is In Memoriam’s video for “Trúleysi”, which was for a long time my favorite Icelandic Death Metal song. It was professionally done and directed by Reynir Lyngdal who later went on to direct the movie “Okkar eigin Osló” which has gotten very good remarks.

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