Great news, guys! Invictus is releasing Reveal’s “Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth” on CD! Why not vinyl? Because the vinyl version came out last year on High Roller, you silly bugger. It sold out in a little under fifteen minutes. Like hotcakes it went, they told me! Understandably. Really, I mean, look at that cover and that insane Master’s Hammer aura that saturates anything and everything around it…

For as it was written the puzzle has now been completed! The old Chinese masters they told: “When the master’s hammer strikes then soon will the world come to an end.” It doesn’t get more clearer than that, folks, does it?

Let’s face it, when Master’s Hammer stopped being the Master’s Hammer a lot of people expected and became this, with a little bit of this, a certain void was created. A certain void that not even the members of Master’s Hammer could fill when they returned in 2009 with “Mantras”.

Enter Reveal! Formerly known as Waster, from Uppsala, Sweden. Sharing home with acts like Watain and In Solitude. A band full of Swedish hopefuls ready to carry the flag of Master’s Hammer and fill the void. Judging by what people had to say about the album when it was out it seemed like they had managed just that and listening to it now I would have to agree.

Most of the time it feels like you are listening to what should have been Master’s Hammer third album. Yeah, you’ll have to excuse me namedropping Master’s Hammer in every sentence here, but the fact is that it’s layered on pretty thick here, just ask the blue demon!

Reveal wear their influences on their sleeves and have created an album that is a wet dream for any fan of Master’s Hammer classics like “Ritual” and “Jilemnick√Ĺ Okultista”. It’s a new take, not a re-invention, so you’ll just have to take it as it is.

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    1. Samawhonow? Only kidding! But to me this album is insanely Maser’s Hammer!-like and perhaps I super duper focused on that and forgot about anything else.

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