Off we sail from Native shores
To test our ears against Singaporean terror
Soon upon us ferociously
The strong will like this, the weak will not
The army of Impiety will rise
To kill everything in sight
So we raise the (Advent of) Nuclear Baphomet
And call to Satan for a sign…

Indeed they do. With “Advent of…” the Devil’s own Shyaithan has assembled around him a bunch of Italian mafiosos with the clear intent to kill everything in sight. If not to kill, then to pulverise!

Somehow things work much better now than on “Worshippers…”. I reckon it has a lot to do with a proper drum sound here. I dare to say that with a proper sound “Worshippers…” would get just as good rating here as this one does, as the two are very similar.

Things are, again, all out violent and all about going faster than a speeding bullet. There’s a bit of Black Witchery vibe here but Impiety are a bit more varied and a lot more thrashy. An ideal band for those around here that like a bit of variation with their pounding blackness.


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