It’s almost surreal when you think about it! Impiety is 22 years old! They were formed in Singapore back in 1990 and have lasted this long and released 8 albums on the way! What’s more is that with each release, it seems, they get more extreme! I thought age was supposed to slow you down, make you relaxed and whatnot. Not Impiety, they blast through these 48 minutes like it’s nothing, just another walk in the park.

On “Ravage & Conquer” Impiety is up to it’s old tricks with blast beats, solos that attack you and unrelenting fury. It seems the band just can’t slow down, at least not for a long time. You’ll find a couple of mid-paced parts like on “Salve the Goat” but it’s almost like the band is holding itself back there and can’t wait to get back into fifth gear and really blast through your eardrums. Extra credit has to be given for the cover of Bathory’s “Sacrifice” in the end which is one of the meanest covers this reviewer has heard in a long time.

Total war. Maximum speed. Singapore madness. Kill all. Spare none.

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