Although you will find fans of “Polka Metal” (a bastard term for bands that play Metal similar to that of Finntroll) you will not find many bands in that vein here in Iceland. Skálmöld, therefore, stand out like a soar thumb, in the midst of leather clad devil-rockers and denim clad headbangers. I should note, though, that although some have tried to put this tag on the band I think it is unjust. There might be similarities, but the “let’s dance like we have no shame” element is not to be found here. What is found here is one hundred percent Icelandic viking power, Heathen Folk Metal.

It’s hard to believe that it took the fellows in Skálmöld as long as it did to get this beast of an album out. They visited label after label here in Iceland but no one had any faith in this. It wasn’t until they met up Tutl, a small but known label based in Faroe Islands, that things started happening. Tutl saw what the album had to offer and soon the album was out.

Suddenly you couldn’t not know Skálmöld. They were everywhere! In the TV winning the nation over on prime time. Playing sold out shows week after week at places you only thought seasoned veterans could pull off. Long hair was back in and the rocker’s start pack seemed to include a Skálmöld T-shirt. Everyone had one, everywhere. Skálmöld, with they joyful Heathen Metal full of keyboards and viking power, had won the Icelandic people over, thanks to the Faroese. This was something Iceland needed. We spent all of 2009 in shit and we needed something solid and powerful to pull us out of it.

Six months after Skálmöld hit Iceland it was time to look to the mainland. A deal was signed with Austria’s Napalm Records, a label that has through the years brought you bands like Kampfar, Falkenbach and Abigor. Another age, another version, another invasion! Shortly after the mainland release Skálmöld toured Europe on a month long trek with bands like Arkona, Alestorm and Thurisaz. The tour was a success and the band return with backpacks full of experience.

The album itself, “Baldur”, is a concept album, full of Heathen Metal fury, and tells us the story of a man that has lost everything and his quest for revenge. Will he succeed or will he die? You follow Baldur around on his trek, almost spellbound you are there, experiencing what he’s experiencing, feeling what he’s feeling. When the time time comes, when he faces his greatest enemy, it’s as if it’s happening to you, like it’s you that’s there with weapons in your hands.

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2 thoughts on “SKÁLMÖLD – BALDUR”

  1. Enjoy it for what the music conveys… (( Melodic… surprisingly produced where there’s the right mix of ingredients for this particular track.)) The difference between really good beer, and – dang, I forget exactly how long it’s been since I had really good beer.

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