At first I was afraid, I was petrified! I was certain we were back in Stockholm, in Sunlight Studios back in the beginning o the nineties or something like that. Dismember was the new kids on the block and were recording their greatest album. Then… Then I was pulled back in to reality and we weren’t in Sweden anymore. Kansas no more… It wasn’t 1991 or anything like that. No, it was 2012 and we were in Spain, just having come back from a brief visit to Sweden. We raided the tomb of Dismember, we stole their Gibson guitars and Boss Heavy Metal pedals. Only the empty caskets were left behind!

It’s today and I hold in my hand the latest release of Spanish Death Metal monolith Graveyard. Here it is, in my hands, and it feels like I just pulled out of Dismember’s ass. Brutal it is, and sound as hell! The stench of the Heavy Metal pedal is overwhelming, almost overpowering! It’s impossible not to feel it. 24 minutes of dismembered Swedish slash Spanish Death Metal. 24 minutes of utterly unoriginal joy but it is joy. Joy it is.

After it’s over I sit down and I think about if this is as good as it was back in the day. This puzzle of riffs that it seems was arranged just like they did back in the day. This isn’t in the vein of the old gods, this is exactly like the old gods! Is it a good or a bad thing? During the 24 minutes this compact disc lasts it’s a great thing, but afterwards I’m still wondering if it’s Graveyard’s that’s so great or if it’s all the bands I remember that were there, back in the day, doing what Graveyard are doing, just 20 years earlier.

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