Yeah, on Saturday’s like this one it’s always great to take five minutes and spend them on something as trivial as the reasons why Ancient VVisdom might never be anything else than a guilty pleasure to worldwide underground enthusiasts with affection for the not-accepted.

1. They are about to go on tour with Ghost. Doesn’t that automatically make the band hipster trash? Who cares if the guys in AVV were into Metal before the turn of the millenium?

2. They stole “the double V” from Katharsis, which automatically makes them trendy… The “ov” is approved, “the double V” isn’t. Their goal might be to kvlt but the underground will have none of that!

3. They “stole” their name from a Swedish band most people had completely forgotten. Yeah, I know Ancient Wisdom were great, I bought the CD’s when they were released. You?

4. They use corpsepaint in non-Metal context. Isn’t that a “neddy-no-no”? Turbonegro of course not included.

5. They sound like something Alice in Chains inspired.

This shit aside the band, whose “diabolical folk-metal” has already earned extensive critical acclaim, is pleased to announce their official union with Prosthetic Records. The label will reissue the group’s latest release, A Godlike Inferno, in North America on April 24, the UK on April 30 and mainland Europe on May 4. I can’t wait. I hope Bad Taste will carry this here when it’s out, but in the meantime I will keep on trying to figure out why “By Fire Light” sounds exactly like “Spill The Blood” to me.




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