You don’t find paparazzi in Iceland but there was a time when Icelanders acted like paparazzi. They didn’t photograph celebrities or anything like that, they bombarded tourists, famous or not, with the same question; “how do you like Iceland?”
It got the point that tourists started blogging about this and after a massive Internet campaign the Icelandic government passed a law making it illegal to ask tourists how they like Iceland (this may not be true). We were forced to find something else to do and so here’s a small feature on a couple of things that have been happening in Iceland lately.

Let’s start things rather lightly and mention the Chao cassette that was released yesterday through Norway’s very own Terratur Possessions. Although the cassette features already released material this is of course a mandatory purchase for anyone that holds that Black Metal and the cassette culture close to heart.

Not released but almost is Ophidian I‘s debut album. It should be released soon through SFC Records, a Russian label that features everything Death Metal. Fans of Tech Death in the vein of Obscura and Odious Mortem should check out this young act and it doesn’t hurt that the band includes members of Severed Crotch and Beneath.

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