“Crust!” they scream, “we demand more crust!” Its like they’ve forgotten that it’s 2011 now, not 1984. We do not live in an Orwellian nightmare. Didn’t you hear the news? Big brother is a myth! God is a lie! Earth’s creation is a sin!

I feel love for Ilsa like I feel love for Bolt Thrower and believe me when I tell you that I feel love towards Bolt Thrower. How can you not love something that created “War Master” out of thin air?

I forgive Ilsa for sometimes getting carried away in the heat of the game and sounding like a hardcore band doing crusty death metal. I forgive them because they live by the code: “No mosh, no core, no fun, no trends.” It’s like they say: As above, so below.

I looked at the tracklist and I thought to myself, “It is impossible for me to give them anything but a full house, they’ve got a song called “Frostthrower” in here!” Did I even need to listen to the music? All jokes aside what Ilsa offer us here is a classic case of d-beat madness! It gets you riled up and lyrics dealing with sodomy and lust instead of political injustice don’t hurt either! Ideal music to jump unto oncoming traffic to!

This is the soundtrack to your death! If you want to go out with a bottle, on a surfboard, with a Freightliner heading straight at you! Crusty deathdoom is all the medication this doctor will prescribe today!


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