The Finnish people created Nokia, they offered Santa Claus a shelter and have offered a cause of demise ever since the birth of Finlandia. It therefore comes as no surprise that Kaleidoscope hails from Finland and for nine issues now it has been waging war against the thought of man!

“So, who’s in it?” I hear you ask. Well, how do Arckanum, Dodsengel, Weapon & Blood Revolt sound to you? Add to that Cripta Oculta, Anu, Lantern, Tervahäät, Akitsa, Vetala and Satanic Warmaster and you have a rather deadly combination.

I like Klemi’s way of asking questions. No standard questions are to be found here, he goes where the thought leads him instead of the routine. Visually it seems the aim is “less is more” and “simplicity above anything else” with the focus being on the text rather than what surrounds or supports it. The photos or artwork that accompanies the interviews are simple in their nature, no photoshopped garbage here.

If you are looking for the next Slayer Magazine look elsewhere, you will not find any thorny frames in this issue. If, however, you like reading interviews with bands you like where the idea is to go as far below the surface as the interviewee allows then this issue will be to your liking.

Contact: kaleidoscopezine AT luukku.com


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