It’s still a bit of time until the official release date of this album but since it’s already leaked I guess there’s no point in waiting with this review. The label was not happy about the leak (you can read about that here) and who can really blame them? The existence of labels is based on the sales of their releases and each download might mean less income for the label.

You’ll have to ask yourself if downloading is a victimless crime, if it’s “only” the label that looses there. Downloading, it seems, has become a rule rather then an exception so labels, no matter what size or shape, will have to face reality there and realize that it seems not to be a case of an “if” but a “when”.

Now, let’s get down to this and take a look at the album itself. The times when this album flies is when BaN abandon black metal. At times in the process I couldn’t help but wonder if they had taken things a bit too far, at some places this album sounds like an experimentation of sorts, recordings of ideas for future projects.

We have to take various variables into consideration. It might be that tomorrow brings a new perspective, a perspective that allows me to understand that which I don’t understand today and then, perhaps just then, will the randomness of most of “Sect(s) 777” make sense to me.

The album is cut into six pieces of silver, six epitomes. My favorite of those is the second epitome. There’s this “movie soundtrack” vibe to it. That walking through the rain where everything seems much more important than it really is feeling about it.

BaN hit similar notes in the fourth epitome, where atmosphere conquers speed and general darkness is spewed through the vocals of Vindsval. The rhythm there also creates a rather relaxing, if not, trance-like atmosphere that allows you to forget time & existence for the first part of the epitome before going into hyper speed. I say hyper speed but it’s not like I’m talking Mysticum speed here. I’m talking fast nonetheless before they settle again and let the song faint away in a bit of a blur.

The album wins the normal listener over during it’s more relaxed times where melodies and relaxed rhythms reign. Right now I haven’t fully grasped the concept of fusion jazz done through the medium of black metal. “Sect(s) 777” is one of those albums that require complete and devotion, it’s not the kind of album that will work as a background piece. This is an album that demands that you take a bit of time out of your daily schedule to devote entirely to it. A high maintenance album that forces a bit of effort from the listener.


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