Some people reading this might know who Krummi Björgvinsson is. Then again, since most probably only listen to Black Metal, maybe not. He is, or has been, affiliated with a lot of projects like Minus, Legend and Esja. The guy’s done a lot and it’s okay to check it out even though it isn’t Black Metal. Listening to electronic music doesn’t turn your brain into jelly and remember that both Burzum and Beherit have ambient albums in their past and it used to be mandatory to include keyboards in Black Metal. Except perhaps in Denmark…

Sometimes a bit of moonlighting is okay and on occasion the moonlighting occurs at the Halifax Collect. That is, when I don’t forget to check my email account for a few days and miss a deadline or two… Anyway, it’s late Friday night post and the reason behind is of course this video. Great music and great footage taken from a video that took it from a video from a guy that got his YouTube account hacked. All in all, a nice story.

Back in the day, when I used to buy Terrorizer magazine, there was a Black Metal column. Yeah, a small column on everything hip and happening in “the underground”. Then, all of a sudden the column disappeared and the letters starting streaming to the editor of the magazine, asking him what had happened to the column and the guy. Apparently, according to the editor, the true Black Metal head behind the column had rediscovered the eighties and had traded his Darkthrone t-shirt in for a Rick Astley one. People were devastated. Understandably.
For some reason that story always pops up in my head when I see the video and I imagine it’s him at the 1:52 mark, right before he discovered Black Metal and then left it some eight or nine years later. It’s the red t-shirt, I’m sure of it.

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