And it is so that sometimes when we wait we discover that which we did not search for. However, not all that is not searched for but found is unpleasant. Birds vomit denim upon the leather clad ground while flying through spandex clouds.

Where most black metal revels in stories of fictional deities, benign and malignant, Spyhorelandet wallows in everyday themes. Much like the cover art, the music contained within bears the stark truth: When you peel back the skin, no matter how beautiful, what is left is the ugly personal histories each of us carries. Throughout Spyhorelandet, naked inhabitants of our world are quoted directly. For many, defeat is their best and sometimes only asset.

Free albums, free music. Formloff vomits tones upon the masses, violating Black metal, much like Fleurety, Thorns and Solefald did back in the day. With their second albums just released and available through Germany’s Eisenwald the band has decided to make it publicly available through its bandcamp site, addressing the fact that whatever you create becomes viral in a matter of seconds and the only way to control the quality of that which is online is to react appropriatly.

Music available.
Merchandise available.

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