A new day and another re-issue from Peaceville. You might remember my review of another re-issue by Peaceville, the re-issue of Katatonia’s “For Funerals to come”, that was posted within Imhotep’s realm a bit back. In which I noted that there wasn’t anything changed, everything was basically the same, the extras were extras, not alterations for the sake of modernization.

Perhaps you wonder why this was re-issued, seeing as it had alreadly been re-issued by Moonfog back in the day, but let’s face it, that CD is about as useful a stack of mp3’s with no real information or notes from the bands, just the music and the track-lists. Boring.

With “Yggdrasill” the rules seem to be the same. As with the Katatonia re-issue there is some extra material, but that’s not something you fuss about, you start fussing when they start fiddling with the knobs and altering the sound. You value extra songs, you value the added liner notes that give you a fly’s view of the musician’s experience during that era and you value the inclusion of the lyrics and the photos you hadn’t seen before. Like lifted straight from the demo tape itself, they are, and the whole layout is laid out like a demo tape would be.


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